Labuan IBFC

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is currently the hot topic amongst those in the financial services industry and international business. So what is CRS and why is it attracting so much attention?Read More

Marlene Elsensohn

In 2017, along with the substantial global political changes occurring as well as rapid economic and digital development, high-net-worth individuals in China are becoming increasingly aware that asset diversification Read More

Michael Liu

Undoubtedly, CRS is the most popular term in the financial circle in 2017. An increasing number of lectures and courses on CRS are held everywhere. Up to January 2017, over 100 tax jurisdictions in the world undertake to implement the automatic financial account information exchanging system Read More

Regan Shum

In 2013, the movie American Dreams in China, directed by Peter Chan and starring Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao and Tong Dawei, was very highly praised. It is a story of three young men’s success in building a great enterprise Read More

Rocky Chan

Since 2016, the balloon of China’s economy growth is leaking gas. Way too many high profiled foreign companies have been quitting their China’s markets.Read More

Triantafyllides Christoforou Law Firm

Cyprus, the Preferred Place for Investment Opportunities, Stylianos N. Christoforou. When one is looking for a legitimate low tax regulated jurisdiction, which willRead More

Wendy Wei

With the high-speed development of the market economy in recent years, many enterprises have been compelled – either through transformation or the strength of their brand’s influence Read More

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