The Purposes and Applications of Offshore Companies

For many traditional enterprises, the main reason for registering an offshore company is for tax planning purposes. Now, with the increasing popularity of offshore companies, several more applications have been widely explored. Read More

Company Registration in the Cayman Islands under the Foreign Investment Act

The Cayman Islands is perhaps the best-known offshore destination for company registration around the globe, and its fame comes down to the Variable Interest Entity (VIE) structure. The VIE structure was originally created by the Chinese Internet company Sina, during a time when it was tough for the company to finance domestically. Read More

Domestic High Net-worth Individuals’ Demand for Asset Protection and Current Situation

For over 30 years after the reform and opening-up policy was implemented in China, both individuals’ wealth and GDP have undergone high-speed growth. At the present stage, the demand for wealth management in China has already shifted from the pursuit of rapid growth to stable growth and secured money management. This process can be roughly divided into four different stages: Read More

Effect of Internet Finance on Marketing of China’s Overseas Fund

Recent years have seen calls for the continued opening-up of Chinese individuals’ investments overseas grow louder and louder. Together, with both the arrival of global asset diversification, and the development of private funds in China, domestic funds are already following a trend towards investing in the global market by issuing overseas funds, using global strategies. Read More

Operation and Use of RMB Funds in Cross-border Investment & Financing

>In spite of the global economic slowdown, the export-oriented feature of the Chinese economy has constantly been reinforced. With the volatility of currency exchange rates, there is a stronger desire for idle domestic capital to be converted into foreign capital. By setting up private funds, domestic, industrial and financial capital takes an active role in cross-border mergers and acquisition, and stimulates industrial integration on both a global and a regional basis. Read More

Analysis: Asset Allocation and Family Planning for Chinese against the Backdrop of Globalization

What is the age we are in now? We might say that it is the age of the Internet, an age short of resources, or we can argue that it is an age of excessive consumption; it is an age in which people are in conflict with one other. We want to understand each other, but sometimes have to challenge each other.But the trend is towards integration. We might recognize, understand, master, and promote this age from the perspective of "Chinese Globalization". Read More

FATCA: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

In 2015, 4,279 American expats renounced their U.S. citizenships, according to the U.S. Treasury. This figure represents a roughly 25 percent increase from 2014 and continues a trend that has seen the number of renunciations rise nearly 500 percent since 2009 (742).Read More

Despite Trusts and Legal Entities, Don’t Forget Joint Bank Accounts

Trusts, holding companies, limited liability companies and various other forms of ownership are the norm for offshore clients and assets. In many jurisdictions, even personal residences are rarely held directly by those who live in them. Yet in the midst of considering offshore income and assets, the age-old joint bank account is often still present. Around the world, joint bank accounts are common between spouses, siblings, parent and child, and in many other situations.Read More

Captive Insurance and the China Market, An Insight by Harneys’ Michael Burns

A captive insurance company can be defined as a ‘do-it-yourself insurance company’ that insures the risks and exposures of its parents and affiliates. It is estimated that globally more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies have established a captive with the majority being registered in Bermuda.Read More

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