Exploring Greater China’s Offshore Private Banking Services in Light of Taiwan’s Offshore Financial Platform

2014 marked a new era for the development of Offshore Financial Centers (OFC) in Taiwan. Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission defines an offshore financial center as a financial market which receives funding from overseas sources (which, in turn, is circulated or invested in foreign markets), which uses non-local currency as an intermediary in transactions, and has overseas individuals, legal persons or financial institutions as their business targets. Read More

International Financial Centers Won’t Crumble

The recent “offshore account” scandal from a Caribbean island nation has fast become the most heated topic on the Internet. Mossack Fonseca, a top Panamanian lawyer has long been helping various countries’ political bigwigs conserve hide their assets in offshore accounts. It’s as if the offshore financial jurisdictions, led by BVI and Cayman and so on, are drowning in the saliva of various attacks, and “international financial centers” appears to be crumbling overnight.Read More

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