The Seychelles are a byword for tropical beauty. The 115 islands, near the equator and outside the cyclone belt, are indeed unspoiled. The main island, Mahe, has an airport and a very good port, Victoria. Most of the 89,000 inhabitants live on Mahe, and are a blended mixture of French and African, speaking Creole, but also English and French, especially in business Read More


The economy is highly dependent on tourism and financial services. The BVI has significant mutual fund and captive insurance sectors. The Financial Services Commission ensures independent and effective supervision of financial institutions. Read More


Cayman is the largest offshore banking centre in the world, and the second largest offshore captive insurance base after Bermuda. There are no direct or indirect taxes; government revenue comes from customs duties, stamp duty and annual fees levied on corporations.Read More


Samoa, which comprises two large islands and seven smaller isles, is situated in the centre of the Southern Pacific Ocean, approximately equidistant between Honolulu and Sydney and immediately east of the International Date Line Read More


The city of Ras Al Khaimah itself is located in the picturesque northern Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, just an hour’s drive from Dubai. The Emirate is also known as the ‘Rising Emirate’, having gained a reputation for its recent economic growth and emerging business opportunities. Read More


The Principality of Liechtenstein is a tiny, doubly-landlocked country tucked away between Switzerland and Austria and with mountain slopes rising above the Rhine valley.Read More


The government has attempted to create a high-technology manufacturing sector and to establish processing and distribution facilities around its rapidly growing Freeport. Read More

St Kitts

St Kitts (and Nevis) are islands in the Caribbean Sea with a population of approx. 50,000. The capital is Basseterre, on St Kitts, the location of Bradshaw International Airport, which serves North America and Europe. Read More


Sugar (well it has to come from somewhere) remains the dominant crop and accounts for one third of exports. Export-oriented domestic manufacturers and service providers get favored treatment. The government has tried hard to create a manufacturing sector with a range of investment incentives, free trade zones and a Freeport.Read More


The economy has diversified from sugar production into tourism and financial services. The government has become more business-friendly and lately has been economically sound. Barbados offers a wide range of offshore formats, and benefits from profitable trade partnerships with the US and Canada.Read More


Bermuda is seen as a reputable international finance centre with four of its own banks. Financial services and international business account for a significant majority of GNP, though tourism is also important and E-commerce is well developed. Read More

Cook Islands

Located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately half-way between New Zealand and Hawaii, the Cook Islands is comprised of fifteen islands with over 2.2 million square kilometers of ocean. As a legacy of its status as a British protectorate, Read More


Dubai, part of the UAE, is home to Jebel Ali, a huge man-made port with the largest free-trade zone in the region and 5,500 resident companies. Read More

Honk Kong

Hong Kong has thrived historically as a trading entrepot serving many Asia Pacific countries and also as a low-cost manufacturing center, and has turned towards the provision of services, particularly financial services. Read More


Although Labuan is part of Malaysia, it has its own offshore regime. Labuan companies can make use of Malaysia's extensive double tax treaty network, and as a result the island has become a preferred conduit for FDI to a number of ASEAN countriesRead More


The Autonomous Region of Madeira benefits from a special tax regime that has been directly approved by European Commission and the Portuguese central government.Read More

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