China Offshore Awards and Gala Dinner 2018

On the evening of November 15, 2018, China Offshore Awards and Gala Dinner was held at Kempinski Hotel in Shanghai. The list of winners of China Offshore Awards has been unveiled mysteriously. Special thanks to Our Charity partner, Stepping Stones.

The first award announced is the captive Insurance Jurisdiction of the Year. This Award is in recognition of those jurisdictions providing the most ease of use, best regulation and accessibility to the Chinese market for captive insurance vehicles.

The shortlisted nominees are:
Labuan International Business and Finance Center, Bermuda Business Development Agency, Cayman Finance
The final winner is Labuan International Business and Finance Center!


Next up we have International Bank of the year, celebrating those nominated institutions providing accessibility, privacy and strong regulatory coherence to Chinese clients.

The shortlisted nominees are:

Bank of Asia, VP Bank, CIM Banque.

And the winner is: VP Bank.


Our third award of the evening is Domestic Family Office of the Year; and award given in recognition of those entities that best serve their clients’ needs and have the strongest awareness of offshore structure utilization to fulfill them.

The shortlisted nominees are:

Nautilus Family Office, Panhe Family Office, Sichuan Trust Jinxiu Family Office.

And the winner is Nautilus Family Office. 


Next up is International Bespoke Wealth Management Provider of the Year, celebrating those organizations most committed to providing tailor made wealth management solutions from a variety of well regulated and tax efficient options for their Chinese clients.

The shortlisted nominees are:

Kylin Prime Group, Meinl Bank.

And the winner is: Kylin Prime Group. 


Our fifth award of the evening is Domestic Corporate Service Provider of the Year, given in recognition of those Chinese companies providing the best in-country service using offshore structures for their private and corporate clients.

The shortlisted nominees are:

Gangfeng Group, RICHFUL DEYONG, World Trade Enterprises Consultancy.

And the winner is: World Trade Enterprises Consultancy.


Following on in the same vein, the next award is for International Corporate Service Provider of the Year, celebrating those companies providing truly global solutions to their clients with strong accessibility and support in the Chinese market.

The shortlisted nominees are:

Vistra, TMF Group (China), OCRA (Hong Kong) Limited

And the winner is: Vistra


Moving on, the next award is for the Investor Immigration Rising Star of the Year, recognizing the organizations that have made the strongest gains and commitments to providing the best IBI opportunities in the strongest jurisdictions to their Chinese clients.

The shortlisted nominees are:
Sino-Outbound, Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, Bartra Wealth Advisors Ltd.
And the winner is: Bartra Wealth Advisors Ltd.


Back to the China categories now and this next award is to be given to the Domestic Private client Law firm of the Year, celebrating those firms with the most advanced and comprehensive offshore structure solutions, combined with the strongest personal support for their customers.

The shortlisted nominees are:
King & Capital Law Firm, Beijing Yingke Law Firm (Shanghai), Duan & Duan Law Firm
And the winner is:
King & Capital Law Firm


Next up, the prize for Domestic Corporate Law Firm of the Year, rewarding those organizations delivering the most comprehensive offshore corporate structuring solutions Chinese Firms have to offer, as well as the greatest understanding of and adherence to the latest regulations.

The shortlisted nominees are:
Jincheng Tongda & Neal, Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Co-Effort Law Firm LLP
And the winner is:
Jincheng Tongda & Neal


Following on from that, this award is for the International Law Firm of the Year. This was the category for which the most nominations were received, and is given in recognition of those offshore-focused firms with a true international presence, taking into account the ratio of lawyers capable of providing solutions to Chinese clients, the easiest access incorporating language and culture, the best options in the target jurisdictions, and the fullest service for Chinese private and corporate clients alike.

The shortlisted nominees are:
Carey Olsen, Harneys, Maples and Calder (Hong Kong)
And the winner is: Harneys


Our final award tonight is for the International Financial Centre of the Year. The Offshore Finance Landscape is essential for the efficient capital flows of major economies all over the world. In the face of ever-increasing scrutiny, and the call for regulation and adherence to Common Reporting Standards, this award is a celebration of those jurisdictions that have done most with legal and administrative structuring to provide the best possible vehicles for private and corporate asset protection and succession, while pioneering new products and leading the way in evolving the perception of the offshore finance industry in an ever more globalized and connected world.

The shortlisted nominees are:

The BVI, Cayman, Guernsey, Jersey

And the winner is: The BVI


Since then, the list of China Offshore Award winners has been announced. Thank you for your attention and active participation!

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