Australia Introduces New Immigration Policy: Cutting Annual Immigration Intake by 30,000

Australian government declares on its official website that it will reduce the nation’s annual permanent migration intake from 190,000 to 160,000 and introduce new measures to steer new immigrants to middle-sized and small cities, away from big cities, which are confronted with shortage of public facilities and services.

In the past, Australia capped its permanent immigrant intake at 190,000 each year. Now, Australia plans to slash it to 160,000, down by 15%.

Besides lowering the cap, Australian government also introduces new immigration policies that day: 23,000 new regional visas places will be reserved for skilled immigrants in certain areas. Such arrivals will gain permanent residency after living and working outside of Australia’s largest cities for three years. Local students and international students are encouraged to study at regional universities outside of the largest cities. Additional one-year work visa will be granted to international students after their graduation.


Courtesy of Zhejiang News

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