China To Expand Airport In Somaliland

Somaliland Aviation minister Ali Waran Adde visited Beijing on April 7 with the mayor of Haregisa to discussed the expansion of Hargeisa main airport, Egal International airport. Also discussed was the development of Hargeisa neglected roads and the sale of construction equipment.

Sino-Swiss Free Trade Negotiations Scheduled To Start

The first round of negotiations on a proposed China-Switzerland free trade agreement, are scheduled to begin this in April. The talks come at the conclusion of a year long feasibility study, which found that the two economies both countries economies are complementary and competitive, and that an FTA would permit…

China Gold International Looks For Acquisitions

China Gold International Resources Corp., a Hong Kong and Toronto listed gold producer, 42% owned by state-owned China Gold Corp., has announced that it plans to acquire gold and copper mines outside of China. The company is going to focus on neighboring countries, particularly Russia and Mongolia, the company executive…

Taiwan Opens 42 More Sectors To Chinese

Taiwan government plans to open open 42 more sectors to Chinese investors, including big ticket items such as infrastructure and manufacturing. Taiwan has opened around 200 sectors to the Chinese since the pro-China Ma Ying-jeou became president in May 2008.
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