Chinese Investments Overseas: Big is not enough

André Loesekrug-Pietri, Chairman, A-CAPITAL, a European Private Equity firm based in Beijing, looks into Chinese companies venturing overseas. Overseas acquisitions by Chinese companies is a major trend for the years to come, as was confirmed by the new 5-Year Plan and declarations made by both NDRC and the Ministry of…

How Chinese companies test global waters

Leading multinationals around the globe are anxious to exploit China potential as the world largest and most exciting market. However, a number of leading Chinese corporations are now positioning themselves to compete with the multinationals on their own terrain.

Structuring Begins (And Ends) At Home

Michael Wong and Jonathan Tjia from KPMG discuss PRC tax considerations forChina outbound investment In the current economic environment, tax considerations are becoming increasingly important in the assessment of potential investment opportunities.

Chinese Bilateral Investment Treaties

Ondrej Sekanina, Founding partner of Sekanina Legal, a law firm focused on Chinese investment in Central and Eastern-Europe discusses the current status of China Bilateral Investment Treaties, and how Chinese citizens can protect their investments abroad.
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