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Spearheading Africa’s ICT Development

Spearheading Africa’s ICT Development

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  1. ativan tablets crush Before the actual questions, could you briefly present Djibouti’s place on the international scene?

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  1. best rated neck pillow for sleeping Will the geographical location of Djibouti, being an international trade node, allow Djibouti to take a leader’srole in the development of ICT? What influence would that have on Djibouti’s growth?

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We play a very active role in the regional diplomacy, and have very good relationships with all the most important world economic actors. It is time for Djibouti to play its part on the international scene. Nowis the time to be there.

  1. names of strong sleeping pills Could you briefly describe the concept and goals of “Djibouti 2035” regarding ICTs?

Djibouti possesses capacities well beyond its needs, and even beyond regional needs. Submarine cables are completed by land cables. Djibouti has for ambition to become a regional hub for data centres, big data processing and a variety of activities in which Djibouti has a remarkable comparative advantage.

“Vision Djibouti 2035” is a global vision that draws rough areas of development, and which is composed of a “Technology and Telecommunications” subpart. The Djibouti Digital project is one of the key elements of this subpart, and is expected to be completed in 2025.

Djibouti Digital is about creating a new reality for the Djiboutian economy. In the digital era, which affects such diverse fields as education, health, economy and hobbies, it is a matter of taking advantage of technological progress so as to offer our partners opportunities they could not obtain elsewhere, whether in terms of capacity and quality of service or in terms of know-how. Indeed, Djibouti Telecom technicians and engineers figure amongst the best in the region.

Djibouti Digital is also about materializing a new vision for the city. A sustainable, green city, with the goal of being, by 2025, the first African country relying exclusively on renewable energy, notably thanks to partnerships with major, specialised international groups. But this is also a city with an ICT-based economy, where research and innovation occupies a predominant place, and where education—from the young age to university—is provided through modern technology. Today for instance, we offer an XO Tablet to all first-graders in public schools throughout the country, whatever their family’s social status and financial situation. We strive to awaken their creativity and comprehension of technology, so that they may become actors of technological change in the future.

  1. online sleeping tablets next day What are your goals at the end of thisplenipotentiaryconference? What are the potential gains for Djibouti and its partners?

Djibouti has as goal, if not as duty, to fully play its role of economic actor on the global scene, and to contribute to the development of technology and telecommunications. We also want to demonstrate our sincere will to be a visible, active actor that takes part in discussions and debates, and that can be relied on for the future of technology.

"We must find a certain appropriateness in ourapproach in order for it to beboth inclusive and innovative, while respecting each other’s stances and showing all the tolerance that is necessary in this kind of endeavour."

Our role, as participants of this conference, is to involve all ourpartners, to expand our sphere of partners, but also if required, to act as spokesperson for thosewho do not have the opportunity to speak. We must find a certain appropriateness in our approach in order for it to be both inclusive and innovative, while respecting each other’s stances and showing all the tolerance that is necessary in this kind of endeavour.

"These partnerships, that we hope long-term, need to be prepared soon: tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

The gains from this conference, which are reciprocal, are to develop partnerships with public bodies like the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), but also with private bodies such as the industry’s major groups, in particular in Asia where numerous industry giants are based. These partnerships, that we hope long-term, need to be prepared soon: tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

  1. drug classification of zolpidem tartrate Do you think ICT could have a negative impact on society?

There is nothing that is not double-edged. Every rose has its thorn. We then must manage, regulate, progress in tandem and fix our mistakes. Cybercriminality, amongs other things, implies a certain number of barriers will have to be set up. It is the duty of every individual as well as of institutions to work with good sense for mankind, and not against mankind. Thus it will be necessary to accompany the people to minimise any negative impact that could emerge.

Technology provides us with the means to develop fairer societies. It is up to societies to use technology in this fashion. This is, as a matter of fact, the objective of this ITU Plenipotentiary Conference: moving towards equality and fairness between peoples thanks to ICT.

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