Interview with Jacky Xu, Managing Director of Crown Metals Trading AG

Interview with Jacky Xu, Managing Director of Crown Metals Trading AG

Jacky Xu is Managing Director of Crown Metals Trading AG and holds a Bachelor's Degree at Massey University in Wellington Campus of New Zealand, majoring in Communication Management and System Development.

Jacky is in charge of developing and expanding the Europe market. His customers include VW, BMW, and Thyssen Krupp, just to name a few. Jacky has excellent multi-national company experience and is also a manager of global vision.

1. What kind of business are you (or is your company) doing in GZA? In business terms, how has the experience been so far?

Crown Metals is dealing with Non-Ferrum metal trading. So far I am quite happy with my stay in Switzerland and also the company has has a big breakthrough with Volkswagen in German.

2. What have the positive aspects been in terms of lifestyle (quality of life) since moving to/starting operations in GZA?

The people in Switzerland are quite warm and nice. So for me and my family, we are really enjoying the life in Switzerland. Also my son started to attend the kinder kruppe and, he also feels very good with his classmates. Especially in Zurich and the Zug area, where there is a huge community of expats therefore, there is no difficulty in living here.

3. Did you/your company consider other locations? If so, what ultimately led to the choice of GZA?

Yes, from the beginning, we considered Luxemburg, Netherland and Ireland. But finally we decided to choose Switzerland, due to:

 Human safety
 Strike date / year
 Government work efficiency
 Worldwide reputation

4. What have some of the biggest challenges been since starting to work in GZA? How would recommend other Chinese investors/companies handle these challenges if they make a similar move to GZA?

Frankly speaking, Working in the GZA is so smooth, and does not pose anything big enough to call it a challenge. But the language is always a barrier for me.

I would suggest for investors to study up on European cultures before they decided to move to Switzerland.

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