The Greater Zurich Area - A Knowledge Hub with a Future for Chinese Companies

The Greater Zurich Area - A Knowledge Hub with a Future for Chinese Companies

A long-standing friendship exists between China and Switzerland, and both countries have a strong interest in intensifying business relations. Connections between China and Switzerland were established in 1950 when Switzerland was one of the first Western nations to recognize the People's Republic of China as an independent country. Today, China is a key market for Swiss companies with enormous growth potential. On the other hand, Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area has slowly developed into a hub for Chinese companies conducting their European business from a central and ideally structured location. The volume of bilateral trade is growing at a fast pace and mutual direct investments are continuously gaining importance. China and Switzerland have overcome the economic crisis without lasting damage, and both have proven to be a refuge of economic stability. This stability is an essential prerequisite for innovation and sustainable economic prosperity.

The Greater Zurich Area is the business center of Switzerland – due to its strong innovation, unique culture of precision and high quality of living. The economic region surrounding the world famous financial metropolis of Zurich employs around 1.5 million multilingual and international workers in 150,000 companies in industries such as life sciences, clean tech, high-tech, ICT and the service industry. From here, more than 500 million customers in the EU can be reached. With its numerous trade agreements, Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area are ideally integrated in the European market. Thanks to the central location with its first-class infrastructure and multicultural setting, Switzerland is furthermore an outstanding test market for products and services.

Innovation and subsequent commercialization are the engines of our regional and national economy. The Zurich business region and Switzerland recognized this at an early stage. The existing prosperity in the Greater Zurich Area and Switzerland has only been possible thanks to constant innovation.

Today’s competitive world is driven by two things – innovation and commercialization. The ability to integrate these processes successfully is crucial for the survival of any business. The Swiss Formula not only keeps companies one-step ahead of the competition, it is a formula for success. Marrying first class, world renowned academic institutions with strategic investors, management friendly regulatory agencies, and leading IP protection strategies has resulted in an unbeatable market advantage.

Join the growing number of Chinese companies who have discovered this formula for success. "Welcome to the Greater Zurich Area!"

Yours sincerely
Sonja Wollkopf Walt
CEO, Greater Zurich Area AG

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