Switzerland: World’s Premiere Wealth Management Center

Author: Baron Laudermilk In the last few years Switzerland has become one of China's most important European business partners and the relationship appears to be looking brighter every month. Last summer the two countries established a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA CH-CN) that will increase trade between the two economies,…

Sparking an Alpine Attraction

By Adam Skuse Emerging from an alliance of three small cantons in the central Alps over 700 years ago and aimed at protecting free trade in the region, Switzerland neutrality has been recognised since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, when it won independence from Napoleonic France. This has been…

Interview with Frank Seuss, CEO & Chairman, BFI Capital Group

1. Switzerland has long been serving European clients but is a newer feature on the Chinese radar. What are the main attractions and benefits of Switzerland for Chinese investors? Really, Swiss financial services and related industries are attractive for any international investor, including a Chinese investor, because of a number…
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