UK is 'world's greatest enabler' of corporate tax avoidance, says study

UK is 'world's greatest enabler' of corporate tax avoidance, says study

The UK has been described as "the world's greatest enabler" of corporate tax avoidance. A study published by the Tax Justice Network showed that British territories and dependencies are four of the 10 countries that have done the most to "proliferat...

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9th Annual Trusts and Foundations Guide
Welcome once again to China Offshore’s Annual Company Formation and Funds Guide, the 9th edition hereof, published to bring to market clear, objective and transparent data on the trends, opportunities, obstacles and regulatory evolution within the fund and corporate structuring spheres.
Latest industry updates in the current year of the publication, here you’ll find useful information of the trends and analysis of the offshore finance industry.
We summarize the latest happenings in the current year that the China Offshore editorial team would like to share with the readers.
Exclusive insights from our esteemed clients, who are global leaders and pioneers in the offshore finance industry, this is the place where you’ll be able to directly talk to industry leaders from globally renowned enterprises.
It’s your one-stop shop to gain comprehensive knowledge of world-renowned offshore jurisdictions and financial centers; it’s your data center for a quick and accurate search of information.

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