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What are the advantages of the jurisdiction for Chinese investors?

  • Hong Kong (HK) as a window to work with international companies. A lot of international firms like to set up office in HK in order to trade with Mainland China, therefore is easier to communicate with them in HK.
  • HK has good reputation in the world; foreigners are more willing to trade with HK Company and build up good image for it.
  • HK is an international finance centre with a wide range of financing channels, easy borrowing and financing.
  • Funds parking in HK can increase the flexibility of its utilizing.
  • Stable banking system.
  • No foreign exchange control, no restriction and no need for application.
  • No restriction on operating activities, unless on specialize industries like bank, finance industry.
  • Simple tax structure, only profits tax for company, no capital gain tax, business tax and etc. Bank interest income and dividends are not taxable. HK companies can be used to invest in China or elsewhere.
  • If the company had no activity on the territory of HK and did not receive income from the sources located in HK, they are not the subject of taxation.
  • Company formation procedure is very simple andfast. Less than 24 hours using electronic method.
  • HK has DTAA with China.
  • Share same language, easy to communicate.
  • Good logistic service in HK.
  • Invest in HK company and getting working visa in HK. Living more than 7 years can get residence in HK.
  • HK is close to China, it's easy to travel.











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