6th Annual Trust and Foundation Guide - Cook Islands Q&A

When were trust and foundation law introduced in your jurisdiction English common law and equity were formerly adapted from New Zealand through the Cook Islands Act 1915, prior to the Cook Islands acquiring self-governance in 1965. The common law concept of a trust has been in the Cook Islands for…

Cook Islands: An Ideal Place to Protect Your Wealth

By Leo Zhang. As a leading international finance center for three decades, the Cook Islands is a prime choice for sophisticated international services for the most discerning wealthy clients and corporate entities. Located in the South Pacific northeast of New Zealand, east of Tahiti, and south of Hawaii, the country…

Cook Islands

Executive Summary: Located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately half-way between New Zealand and Hawaii, the Cook Islands are a widely scattered group of islands occupying a surface area of about 240 sq km. As a legacy of its status as a British protectorate, the legal system is based on…
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