Gibraltar Says It Will Not Cede An Inch On Sovereignty

Gibraltar Says It Will Not Cede An Inch On Sovereignty

Gibraltar's Deputy Chief Minister, Joseph Garcia, has told a cross-party delegation of UK parliamentarians that Gibraltar "will not cede an inch of its sovereignty, jurisdiction, and control," discussing Spanish relations amid Brexit talks.

He made the comments in response to media reports concerning Spain's continued claims to the land on which Gibraltar Airport is located. This land is not subject to the Treaty of Utrecht, which forms part of the legal basis for the UK's sovereignty over Gibraltar.

Garcia said that while Gibraltar and Spain's red lines are well known, there is scope to agree practical, modern solutions which satisfy all parties. A previous agreement was reached in 2006, known as the Cordoba Agreement, which allowed Spanish access to the airport in return for bringing it under EU aviation legislation, thereby allowing enhanced use of the airport.

Garcia said Gibraltar's Government remains ready to engage with Spain in a positive and constructive manner and emphasized the shared prosperity both currently enjoy from having an open border.


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