Seeing the Limitations and Future of Mainland Family Trust Businesses’ Development from a Legal Point of View Zhao Miao

In recent years, pan-asset management has become a hot topic in society. Trust companies, fund management companies, insurance asset management companies, securities companies, futures companies, and private equity funds have all carried out asset management operations in different ways under different regulatory frameworks. The advent of the pan-asset management era…

Application of Insurance Benefit Trust in Family Governance

Founded on two legal relationships, i.e insurance and trust, insurance benefit trust means that the insured, as the trustor, establishes a property right trust by taking his right to insurance claim as the trust property and delivers trust property by designating a trust company as the insurance beneficiary or changing…

Avoiding Family Affairs-Related Risks in the Construction and Processing of Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Overseas Enterprises

Within the trend of wealthy Chinese’s globalized asset allocation, stock rights have become a main carrier of wealth. Chinese entrepreneurs constructing complex corporate structures overseas (especially in offshore locations) is a long-established trend, but the difference between Chinese and foreign family laws and the complexity of the jurisdiction and application…
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