Operation and Use of RMB Funds in Cross-border Investment & Financing

In spite of the global economic slowdown, the export-oriented feature of the Chinese economy has constantly been reinforced. With the volatility of currency exchange rates, there is a stronger desire for idle domestic capital to be converted into foreign capital. By setting up private funds, domestic, industrial and financial capital…

Multiple Perspectives: Why Hong Kong is the ideal place for trusts.

The current legal framework of Hong Kong Trusts The Trust Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2013 ("the Ordinance"), which aims to modernize Hong Kong's trust laws, became effective on 1 December 2013. The Ordinance states that its main objective is to amend the Trustee Ordinance and Perpetuities and Accumulations Ordinance to extend…

2015: The Tortuous Development of Offshore Trusts in China

So far, most international trustees have to admit that the promotion of offshore trusts in the Chinese market is far from the optimistic expectations they held five years ago, but it is also not as pessimistic as what those who have retreated describe. Like other businesses which entered China for…
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