Yuan Devaluation: Is a Currency War on the Horizon?

After decades of the renminbi’s so-called domestic devaluation strategy and appreciation overseas, suddenly in August 2015 the currency began to slump, and reached a level that is regarded as “depreciation” for the first time in several years. As a matter of fact, when the Central Bank of China (PBoC) announced…

Bahamas Trusts and Foundations

It’s a little-known fact that the world’s first Common Law country to pass legislation for private foundations was the Bahamas. It was 2004, and the Caribbean island nation had already established a reputation for creating innovative financial structuring solutions, and it was decided that the private foundation would be introduced…

Trust and Foundations Opportunities for Chinese Families and HNWIs

When this last report was published, China’s economy was experiencing a slowdown during global economic uncertainties. But now it has become a fact that China’s economy is decelerating. Authorities have set the GDP target for 2015 at 7.0%, but some influential analysts and economist have stated that China’s economy growth…
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